Merlelor is the ideal place for beautiful riding trails in Transylvania. Our horse riders inn is situated where the Transylvanian hills descend into the valley of the Olt-river, with a lovely view over the Carpathian mountains. The tracks lead you through over 700 square miles of unrestricted country. Huib, your guide, knows this region like the back of his hand.
We ride over wide meadows past shepherds with their flocks of sheep and herds of cows and buffaloes. As we pass through remote villages, we seem to step back in time. Horse-drawn carts are the main means of transport. In the village pub we relax with a drink and observe the basic life of the local people. Romanians are inquisitive and love to chat on any occasion.

Merlelor offers the following riding trails.


These are organized in the period from May until September.

Staying overnight in the inn and in tents. We may enjoy the hospitality of the shepherds and eat our evening meal around the camp fire.
These trail rides are suitable for people who love camping in nature and love to travel without the usual sanitary comfort.
This is an 3-days arrangement with 3days of riding, 5-6 hours a day. Number of participants, minimum 4 max.7
Luggagetransport is included.


During the whole season, from April until Oktober we also offer this option for trail rides. They are equivalent to the trails with tents, except that we sleep exclusively in guesthouses and private accommodations with toilet and bathroom.
This is an 3-days arrangement with 3 days of riding, 5-6 hours a day. Number of participants, minimum 4 max 7.
Luggagetransport is included.