Our horses

Our horses

A horse riding holiday is the ideal way to explore Romania. In this country horses are still part of the daily countrylife. The horses we use for our tours mainly are pure Lipizzan horses or mixtures with indigenous breeds, since apart from being a horse riders inn, Merlelor is also a Lipizzan stud farm. Our Lipizzan horses are audacious, patient, loyal and beautiful. For them it is no problem to walk a slippery downhill after it has been raining , as the herd lives in the hills all year. They are versatile horses and are used for horse and carriage as well as for horseback riding. They are good for classical dressage or as pleasure horses and have proven themselves on off-road trails. They have great endurance, which makes them suited for our trails. Regularly we stay in the saddle for 6 hours and some tracks cover more than 40 kilometers. During the rides there is enough opportunity for galloping. These are the moments the horses want to see for themselves who is the fastest.

Apart from the riding horse we have five studs: Neapolitano 26-214 called Easter, Neapolitano 29-15, called Harpi, Syglavy-Capriola 22-1M called Cyrano, Neapolitano 29-1M called Camillo and Jan.

Almost all our horses are born on the stud farm. As soon as the foals are a few months of age, they join us on a trail or a day-trip. We now and then stop and take some time for the foals to drink. Because they join us on trips from an early age on and have often visited the village , they are used to horse and carriage, tractors, cars and animals like cows and dogs. The latter is important since we often pass by shepherds with dogs watching over the flock of sheep, goats and cows. The dogs have to defend the herd against thieves and bears.

Apart from our Lipizzan horses we also have 6 shetland-ponies. The villagers never had seen such small horses before, but they were charmed by them instantly. Children who live near Halmeag sometimes have a pony-riding lesson on a shettie or they make a small tour with them. The shetties never join us on a day-trip, for that they don’t have enough endurance. Children who join their parents on their horse riding holiday ride our smaller Lipizzan horses.

On the right our black Neapolitano 26-2, sire of many of our horses.


Is the daughter of our late Catalin, one of our famous mares with a surly character. We are so lucky Cecile doesn’t have that same character. She has her particular way of doing things, but she is friendly and a fine mare to ride.


Is just as old as Eltjo. He is a sturdy horse and very economical in using his energy. He just keeps on going and is always in a good mood. He has a very stable character.


Is a Dutch warm blood horse and about the highest of them all. She is very friendly and gentle but she also likes to race.