Spring is but a brief moment in time

Spring is but a brief moment in time in Romania. You’re not yet recovered from the long winter or temperature rises till 12 or 16 degrees celsius. That situation lasts only one week and then summer begins with temperatures above 20 degrees. We hope summer will be fertile this year; last year it didn’t rain for five months and everything was dry, including the grass for the horses.

So, time for a spring-recipe! In Western Europe Easter is already long gone, but in Romania they celebrate orthodox Easter, which is celebrated at the beginning of May. Many Romanians fast in the weeks before Easter and then they don’t eat meat. They call it ‘post’. Recently we visited some Romanian friends and we ate a lovely vegetarian dish. Zucchini, which they call Dovlecei. Tök is the Hungarian variety, which I grow in our garden. Zucchini and Tök are both a Cucurbita, which I think is a nice name for a cat or dog (like ‘my little pumpkin’).

Well, here’s the recipe for zucchini in frak.

Use as much zucchini as you think you need for your company. When you use a medium size of zucchini (10-14 cm) you certainly need one per person. Whisk 2 big eggs per 3 zucchini with some drops of water, salt and pepper. Add 2 tablespoons of flower and whisk some more. See if you like the thickness of the batter and add some more flower when you think is needed.
Cut the stalk of the zucchini and cut them in slices of 0,75 – 1 cm.

Poor a good amount of olive-oil or sunflower oil a a frying pan and heat the oil, but don’t make it so hot is will damp. Prepare a plate with sifted flower and pull the slices through the batter and then through the flower. Do it quickly. Fry the zucchini in the oil until they golden brown. Taste if they are well done enough for you and adjust the frying time if needed.

Serve the zucchini warm with some parsley or garden cress. It is nice with bread or fried potatoes, fresh tomatoes and – what else – spring onions!

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