Jack and his recipe for baking cookies


When you are feeling down and out, even a play of solitaire on your computer is too much effort, it is raining outside, it is time for my late mothers’ advice :

Your house will be filled with the lovely smell of butter and sugar, so you could sell your house immediately, even if you don’t want to. As a result everybody will love you and especially your dog.
It is simple, fast and clears your heart and soul and pleases the palpate.
Here is the basic recipe for baking cookies:
3 parts of flour 2 parts of butter 1 ½ part of sugar a coffee spoon of baking soda a teaspoon of salt zest of half a lemon
The butter should be at room temperature. Cut it into small pieces. Put the flour in a strainer, shake it and mix it with all ingredients. First with a fork and then with your bare hands. If you have a ball which loosens from the bowl, put it to rest for half an hour.

Put baking paper on a baking sheet and preheat it on 180 C.(I have an old fashioned electrical oven).
Roll little balls of a little less than 2 cm (0,75 inches), press it on the mouse of your hand and shape the margins a little bit. In this way you don’t get equally formed cookies, but you don’t mess up your kitchen with rolling it out on a floury place and sticking out with glasses or even use the horrible kitchen utensils you can buy for your good money, which are horrible to use and awful to clean.
Put the cookies on the baking paper. Turn the oven at 170 and bake them for 15 minutes. Do check regularly. Let them cool down and eat. No need to store them as they will be eaten immediately, but if you have to, put them in a jar and hide it in a safe place.
All kinds of ingredients you can mix with the base. Like ginger as much as it is to your taste, cinnamon and white ground pepper, ground coconut – this needs to be as much as the sugar part- and cocoa (about 2 coffee spoons).
Don’t use honey instead of sugar, at least not for health purposes as all the good things of honey get evaporated with temperatures above 40 C (so also in your tea!). Only the sweetness remains which tastes less sweet than any kind of sugar.

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