Wine and dine

Wine and dine

Ingredients nowadays available in Romania often are of excellent quality but not affordable for the average Romanian. All home grown and bred products are very good indeed. On products to be bought like oil, butter, salt and sugar they have to economise, so it is quite normal when you see a Romanian housewife after a homeslaughter to cook a fine sirloinsteak in bad oil.

The Cosmos travelguide writes on Romanian cuisine:

‘The Romanian stomach is used to a warm noonmeal consisting of greasy broth, humps of unspiced pork, some cornporridge and great a lot of stale bread”’

Well, that is no joy to the plate.

Bertina’s Merlelor cuisine!

From our kitchen comes a variety of French, Italian, Dutch and even Indonesian dishes. Transylvania used to be part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and its influence is still to be found in the local cuisine.

Merlelor buys and uses ingredients of top quality, if possible of local origin. Bertina combines those masterly. You ‘ll be served a hearty dinner, drinks therewith like wine, beer and mineral-water are included. On trail Bertina will prepare delicious dishes on great campfires. When camping with the shepherds a whole lamb might be grilled.

The wine selection is from all over Romania. You’ll be served home made products like Zacusca, a kind of tapenade made of organic vegetables and herbes which, just like the home made apple pie, always differs in taste, compotes, jams and confitures, fruitjuices, salads, stuffed paprika’s and vegetables and fruits of the season.

Also for the vegetarian guest Bertina will prepare a gastronomic delight.

From the shepherds. we obtain telemia, a tasty fresh sheep-cheese, with a soft and creamy flavor. Luncheon is a picnic which you prepare yourself in luncheon-boxes during breakfast.